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Breathers & Vents

Insulation breathers and vents are used to prevent moisture vapor from becoming trapped in the roof system, equalizing air pressure, reducing the risks of ballooning, blow-off, deteriorating insulation and separating deck seams.They come in various sizes, styles and designs.

  • Air Vent
  • Lomanco
  • Artis

Chimney Covers
These protective coverings for chimneys are usually made of aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel, or copper. Most chimney caps have a mesh screening that absorbs sparks and also acts as a barrier against animals. Chimney caps also prevent rain from entering the flue of the chimney.

  • HY-C Chimney Caps

Skylights introduce more natural light into your home, making it feel more spacious. They also decrease your overall energy costs and increase ventilation.

  • American Skylights
  • Starlight Skylights
  • Sun-Tek Skylights
  • Velux Skylights
  • Wasco Skylights

Deck Mounted Skylights 

Great for all climatic regions of the United States, deck mounted skylights are particularly well suited for areas where ice, snow and freezing rain are prevalent. Deck mounted skylights combine an insulating glass lens, a wood frame and protective cladding into one unit that is mounted directly to the roof deck. Blinds and controls are available.


Curb Mounted Skylights

Curb mounted skylights consist of an insulating glass lens sealed into a protective metal frame designed to mount on top of a site-built curb. Blinds and controls are available.


Self Flashing Skylights

Developed for fast and reliable weather tight installations, self-flashed skylights are similar to deck mounted skylights except they include a factory-installed flashing system designed for shingle roofs only. Blinds and controls are available.


Sun Tunnels from Velux

Sun Tunnels are ideal to light up any area in your home or commercial space that is in need of natural light. They install quickly and easily, reduce energy costs, distribute light evenly and are maintenance free.


Exhaust Fans
Exhaust fans are designed for both industrial process and ventilation where corrosive fumes are present. All parts are constructed of high quality, corrosion resistant resins reinforced with fiberglass.


Air Vents,   Breathers,   Chimney Covers,   and    Skylights


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